Discover our Journey of Excellence in Gymnastics

Explore our rich history, diverse programs, and meet the dedicated coaches who make Incoming Gymnastics a premier destination for young athletes.

Our History

From humble beginnings to a leading gymnastics program, our journey is filled with passion, growth, and commitment to excellence.


Start Gymnastics

Rae’s journey into gymnastics begins and marks the beginning of her lifelong passion for the sport.


Rae Begins Coaching
At just 14, Rae started coaching with Mrs. Trish and Mrs. Deven, igniting a lasting love for the sport.


Joins Gymsations

Rae joins Gymsations as a full time coach.


Starts Team Coaching

Rae expands her passion and begins coaching various teams with Gymsations.


Founds Incoming Gymnastics

Rae and her husband set out to build a new gymnastics program in the Cumming Ga area.

Our Programs

AAU Team Gymnastics

Our AAU Gymnastics Program at Incoming Gymnastics in Cumming GA, offers levels 1-4, featuring Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

USA Team Gymnastics

Our USA Gymnastics Program at Incoming Gymnastics in Cumming GA, offers levels 1-10, featuring Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire.

Join One Of Our Teams

We welcome aspiring gymnasts to join or further pursue their gymnastics journeys at Incoming Gymnastics in Cumming, GA.

Meet Our Coaches

Our Dedicated Team

Coach Rae

Coach Rae

Head Coach – Specializes in advanced gymnastics with over 15 years of experience. Known for her motivational coaching style and dedication to athlete development.

Cathy Campfield smiling at camera

Coach Cathy Campfield

Senior Head Coach – Expert in competitive gymnastics with a keen eye for technique and form. Passionate about helping gymnasts reach their full potential.

Coach Tyler

Coach Tyler

Assistant Coach – Focuses on beginner to intermediate levels. Brings a fun and engaging approach to teaching fundamental skills.

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